Tiny inflatable boat crammed with tons of drugs nearly sinks in Murcia waters of Spain

AN inflatable boat could barely stay afloat off the Murcia coast as it struggled to carry its clandestine cargo of over two tons of hashish.

A Guardia Civil marine patrol intercepted the suspicious craft off Monte de las Cenizas in Cartagena last Saturday morning(August 28).

Officers already had their hands full as they were dealing with another boat that had several migrants on board.

Two Spaniards from La Union were discovered on the inflatable craft along with 60 large bales of hasish weighing in at a hefty 2.2 tons.

The men were arrested for drug trafficking.

The consignment is said to have originated from Morocco.

Towing the boat to Cartagena’s Escombreras dock was not straight-forward as the sheer volume of the illegal cargo nearly caused the craft to sink several times.

The presumption is that the tiny inflatable received its hefty load from a more sturdy boat in close proximity to or in Spanish waters.

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