Hard Rock Hotel Marbella unveils groovy new rooftop pool area as part of total ‘swinging-sixties’ revamp

THE final piece of curved glass has now been fitted on the tile mosaic that completes the stunning new rooftop pool area on the Hard Rock Hotel Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

The entire hotel has undergone a complete renovation that pays tribute to the ‘swinging sixties’ aesthetic.

The pool features curved glass mosaic tiles – designed by Onix – which form rounded shapes and straight lines in a series of patterns. 

The pool area is kitted out with the customary sunbeds, loungers, and awnings, as well as a vintage bar and stage area. 

The custom-made blue mosaic tiles have a matt finish, preventing fewer martinis from being spilled by slippery surfaces poolside. 

Hard Rock Hotel Marbella
Hard Rock Hotel Marbella
Hard Rock Hotel Marbella

The hotel’s 383 rooms and suites have also been redesigned by Madrid-based interior design studio Cuarto Interior, with the same sixties-inspired theme throughout. 

The blue, orange, and red colour scheme also features pops of gold, designed to transport guests to a busy heyday of cultural revolution and liberation.

However, history buffs will be aware that the sixties were hardly a time of throwing off the shackles in Spain.

The country was ruled under the repressive and censorial iron boot of General Franco in this period, and Spain did not see such a cultural emancipation until the post-1992 Barcelona Olympics.


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