Health staff try to contact non-mobile phone owners to arrange COVID-19 vaccinations in Costa Blanca area of Spain

HEALTH centres are chasing after 80,000 Valencian Community residents who have no mobile phone access and have therefore not got a COVID-19 vaccine shot.

Appointment dates have been sent via phone text messages but there are people who do not have mobile phones.

There are others who have not have entered their mobile details online linked to their SIP card number, which meant they could not get dates for a vaccination.

Medical centres are now making calls on landline numbers to track down the unvaccinated residents.

Letters will also be sent if there are no phone contact details.

The Valencian Community wants to complete the COVID-19 vaccine programme by early October.

A process of contacting 400,000 people who did not turn up for their first vaccine appointment is also currently underway.

Vaccine ‘refuseniks’ stand at just 1.3% of the summonsed residents who have turned down a jab.

The regional government has set a mid-September target of full immunisation for 80% of the population.

The final aim is for total coverage of everybody aged 12 and over by Valencia Day(October 9).

Current figures stand at 80% of the population having had at least one shot, with 70% fully vaccinated, which adds up to over three million residents.

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