Hollywood arrives in Spain: Studio to bring big bucks into Spanish economy and create boom in jobs

SPAIN is set to become the new Hollywood during the COVID-19 pandemic after major movie studio entered into an exclusive contract to film in Andalucia for the next 12 months. 

Chinese company, Un Nouveau Jour, are making the move to capitalise on Spain’s gorgeous backdrop by investing in Wanda-Halcyon who have pledged to make three new TV shows here. 

Un Nouveau Jour struck a deal with the international TV studio to create multiple TV series using filming studios across the south of Spain. 

Figurarte Studio in Molina, Malaga and Pasarela Studios in Valencia will all benefit from the lucrative filming contract, announced on Monday. 

Susan Handler, Managing Director of Wanda-Halcyon Television stated that Wanda is very excited to start filming various productions in September such as “Marked-The Unforgiven”, “MobKing-War of the Godfathers” and “Smoking Gun-A Murder Mystery” at these well known studios.  

Handler also said that the company would be opening a production office in Malaga and is hoping to rent a studio in Almeria in September to service an existing production.

And they are capitalising on the nation’s homegrown talent and in-built versatility. The studio has been actively hiring some of the top entertainment executives in Spain to round out the management team and has hired over 100 employees over the past two months.

The amount of revenue the new shows will generate with their productions will be a huge boost to the south of Spain after the devastation of COVID-19 caused mass job losses as tourism, the main industry in the south of Spain, completely collapsed. 

Three big-budget shows also have the potential to create jobs for hundreds of locals – from performers to sound producers, cleaners and location scouts.

Wanda Halcyon Television was originally founded by American Pat Andrew and England’s Sutish Sharma and the founders share capital was acquired by Un Nouveau Jour several months ago.

Bosses at Wanda Halcyon Television are currently filming “Operating Naked- A Black Bag Job” in Canada and two reality television shows in America.

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