Honest tourist finds wallet with €6,300 in cash next to busy Benidorm beach and police return it to happy owner

AN HONEST tourist found a wallet containing over €6,300 next to a Benidorm beach and it was returned to its grateful owner within two hours.

A Spanish holidaymaker was walking along the busy Levante beach promenade when she saw the wallet on the ground.

She could tell there were a lot of banknotes in it, but she did not succumb to any dishonesty as she handed it over to Benidorm Policia Local officers patrolling the beach.


Officers looked inside the wallet and besides over €6,300 in it, there was identification that showed it belonged to a man on holiday from the Basque Country.

The police said they contacted him and in under two hours they handed back the wallet and its valuable contents.

They posted on social media: “Long live the good people who visit Benidorm and who let us know.“

“We made arrangements and… someone was very happy.”

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