Microsoft joins Amazon in multi-billion euro cloud data centre revolution in north-east Spain

MICROSOFT is planning to pump in a massive €6.6 billion to set up new data centres in the Aragon region of Spain.

The regional government said the company had applied for a building licence to build the centres on a site just outside Zaragoza.

The Microsoft investment will be spread out over a decade, according to the government.



The firm this week announced a €2.1 billion investment in data centres in the Madrid region.

Those facilities will provide Artificial Intelligence and cloud services to companies and public organisations, which it said would contribute to their digital transformation and the development of the AI Economy in Spain.

Microsoft has so far not made any public comment about its Aragon plans.

Just last month, its main competitor in cloud computing- Amazon’s AWS- announced a €15.7 billion investment over 10 years for centres in Aragon.

Amazon said it would power its data centres fully with renewable energy with the area having access to plenty of wind power.

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