Hospitality groups told that customers will need COVID passports to go indoors in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

A COVID-19 passport will be mandatory to enter bars, restaurants and nightlife businesses in the Valencian Community.

Hospitality sector representatives from the region’s three provinces were briefed on government plans this Wednesday by Valencia’s Health Minister, Ana Barcelo.

The package will be ratified by ministers on Thursday before sending it for the approval of the Valencian Superior Court.

The aim is get it operating by the first weekend of December.

Leaks of the Ana Barcelo briefing have appeared in regional media outlets.

Shops, hotels, cinemas and theatres are said to be excluded from the compulsory use of COVID-19 certificates.

Barcelo specified that using the COVID passport in hospitality would only be for indoor access with terraces unaffected by the new restriction

There has been speculation that ‘smaller establishments’ might be excluded where only one person is on duty.

Barcelo reiterated statements from Valencian president, Ximo Puig, that there were ‘no plans’ for new restrictions on hours and capacity before the Christmas holidays.

Business owners will get a special mobile phone app linked to the Ministry of Health database that will read client QR codes off their phones or a paper certificate.

Another issue being looked at, according to Valencia’s vice-president, Monica Oltra, is using a COVID passport for visits to care homes.


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