Vox voting young men: Survey reveals the profile of Spain’s anti-vaxxers

SPAIN has one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe at close to 90% of its population over the age of 12 but who are the people that haven’t yet been vaccinated?

According to the latest study by Spain’s staistics agency CIS, the profile of the unvaccinated in Spain is male, aged between 25 and 44 years-old, who are in the low income bracket and are likely to vote for Vox.

Spain has the highest vaccination record in Europe after Malta and Portugal and ranks 15 among world nations according to Our World in Data  but Spain’s health chiefs are trying to push forward to ensure everyone has been jabbed.

The figures reveal that almost four million people, or 3,922,172 to be exact (according to data published on November 23) have yet to receive a jab against the coronavirus.

However, the survey by CIS revealed that the majority of those adults who have yet to be vaccinated, have no intention of it because they don’t believe in the benefits.

The CIS survey revealed that 57.8% of respondents who had not had the vaccine confirmed that they had no intention with 28.3% revealing that they did not trust the current vaccines.

A further 17.1% of the unvaccinated admitted that they were scared of the side-effects while just 1.9% said they would wait until the longer term effects of the vaccines could be studied.

The survey explored the demographics of the unvaccinated in Spain revealing they were more likely to be men. Most fell within the 25 to 34 age group while the next highest age group was 35 to 44.

The age group that is least likely to turn down a vaccine is those aged over 65 while those who are most convinced of its benefits are those aged between 18 and 24.

The survey carried out in the first two weeks of November also revealed the political leanings of the unvaccinated in Spain revealing that some 10% of voters for far-right party VOX were unvaccinated, while 4.3% of those who vote for radical left Podemos refused the vaccine. The study sshowed that unvaccinated PP voters accounted for 4% and PSOE just 2.1%. Of those who decide not to vote, some 9.5% are unvaccinated.

In terms of socio-economics, the majority of the unvaccinated identified as either lower middle class or working class.


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