Hotel workers set to strike over Easter holiday in Spain’s Murcia region

UNIONS representing hotel workers in the Murcia region have called for strikes during the busy Easter and Spring Fiesta period after being offered a 0.7% salary rise on a monthly figure of €1,080.

The UGT and CCOO unions described the rise on top of the government’s minimum wage increase as ‘shameful’.

Talks broke down on Friday with the two regional hospitality associations, Hostecar and HoyTu.

The unions said they even offered a cut in sick pay to try to break the deadlock.

Protests and strikes are now planned over what they said was a pay offer that was ‘unsuitable for the economic reality of Murcia’.

Teresa Fuentes of the CCOO said “Murcia employers have run out of arguments in blocking a wage rise for 37,000 workers who cannot make ends meet with what they earn.”

There has been no comment so far from either Hostecar or HoyTu.

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