HOURLY RATE: Spain fines 1,274 companies a total €1.5 billion over working hours violations

THE Spanish government has raked in more than €1.5 billion in fines on companies who failed to properly record their employees’ working hours.

Since a new law was enacted in 2019, employment inspectors have detected 1,274 infringements. This means each guilty company has been fined an average €1.2 million.

So far this year, 401 businesses have been penalised  for not noting the correct hours their employees work.

Clocks change Spain

The Labour Inspectorate has also ordered 300,000 temporary contracts to be made permanent this year.

The government is warning businesses to get their houses in order, saying inspections have increased by 355% over the past two years in a crackdown for employees’ rights.

And companies that abused the pandemic ERTE scheme have also been targeted. Some 44,393 cases have been initiated, with 35,190 finalised, resulting in 5,832 penalties.


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