How To Provide Financial Assistance For Those Who Need An Addiction Treatment

Addiction, or substance abuse, has always been an ever-growing concern since time immemorial. In centuries past, it was the human fixation to herbs and fruits unknown, which only relatively recently have been termed as opium, steroids, cocaine, alcohol, and more, and have posed varied problems to humankind. While substance abuse is prominent even today, a number of scientifically and spiritually proven ways to cure people of this anomaly have also cropped up.

Every valuable resource requires money to own or consume, and addiction treatment is no exception. However, addicts usually become bankrupt before they realize they need to save themselves. So, how can they afford to enroll in rehab programs and curb their addictions? Here are a few financial areas that you can explore.

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Did you know that you can use your medical insurance to cover a part of your rehab fees? Depending upon the length and intensity of treatment required, it may even cover the entire cost! This has been established by the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008, which states that your mental health and addiction treatment needs should cover the same amount as your regular medical and surgical treatments. Furthermore, the Affordable Care Act of 2010 has reasonably reduced insurance prices while keeping the benefits on the same level.


Sometimes, your insurance coverage falls short of the amount required for addiction treatment. In cases like these, if you have enough credits, then you can easily get a personal loan from your bank. Depending on your salary, your rehab fees can be covered with the resultant amount. If not, then you can opt for other kinds of loans like overdrafts and secured loans. Additionally, you may consider pawning some of your valuables at a pawn shop, or selling jewelry if you have any. Your health and well-being hold more value than your possessions.


Quite a disheartening word is “borrow”, isn’t it? It’s like burrowing yourself deep in a hole, never to see the light of day ever again. That is an old-world mentality. Know for a fact that your friends and family care more about you than you do yourself, especially at times of need. They are ready and willing to sacrifice their heart and soul if only it would benefit them in some way. In realistic terms, if your friends and family do care about you, then they won’t hesitate to come up with the fees required to free you of your addiction. Remember, since the day that you first started smoking pot or injecting heroin, they have been secretly hoping and praying that you won’t go too far. Why will they deny you the ability to cope with that addiction now that you have decided to overcome it?

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In short, it’s not the financial assistance that you need to worry about for addiction treatment. Your insurance, loans, or friends and family will take care of it. Even your long-lost acquaintances may come to your rescue in times like these. You need to focus more on maintaining your resolve to cure yourself of that addiction. Only then will the entire treatment process work for you.

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