Hurricanes and tropical storms could soon reach Spain due to climate change, weather experts warn

SPAIN could soon see hurricanes and tropical storms due to climate change, warn weather experts. 

Tropical storms could soon be more common.
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According to forecaster Meteored, extreme weather events are more likely in some areas than others. 

They expect tropical storms and cyclones but highlight in ‘no case’ will a big hurricane batter the country. 

Hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30, with experts predicting a ‘very active’ season.

Some 25 tropical cyclones will form in the Atlantic ocean, according to Meteored Mexico. 

The high activity is associated with the warm part of the climate pattern, El Niño- Southern Oscillation.

This recurrent climate pattern occurs across the tropical Pacific every two to seven years with warm phases, El Niño and cool phases, La Niña. 

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Though predictable, the shifts cause changes in ocean surface temperature and disrupt wind and rainfall patterns across the tropics, causing a ‘cascade of global side effects’. 

The pattern will eventually reach a neutral phase until the start of hurricane season and La Niña, which is expected in May or June. 

This weather phenomenon promotes the development of tropical storms and hurricanes. 

Extreme weather is also pushed by record high temperatures in the Atlantic ocean in the past year. 

According to climate scientists this could mark a ‘point of no return’ for the environment.

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