Two dead and 40 evacuated in Spain’s Tenerife amid rough seas and coastal flooding

ROUGH seas and coastal flooding cause two deaths and 40 evacuations in Spain’s Tenerife. 

Wednesday, April 10 saw two people fall victim to strong winds and waves battering the island. 

In the morning, emergency services recovered the diver suffering from cardiac arrest. 

Later on that day, at 16:30pm, they rescued a 53-year-old Czech tourist who had fallen into the sea while taking photos of the waves at Puerto de la Cruz. 

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Unfortunately, both men died. 

Now finished, the Canary Islands were on orange alert due to the strong waves and gusts of wind reaching up to 90 km/h.

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A house near the sea in the Candelaria area is also at great risk of falling into the sea. 

Emergency services 112 of the Canary Islands have announced four incidents of household flooding in Guimar, due to high tides on Wednesday afternoon. 

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Some 47 locals have been evacuated, 40 in Tenerife and seven in Gran Canaria. 

More high tides are expected between 3:20-4:00am today, April 11. 

In Tenerife, the evacuees are from the coastline in El Rosario, Candelaria, Arafo and Arico. 

Firefighters also recovered various vehicles before they were inundated with water in the Playa del Socorro area.  

At least 15 houses and five cars have been damaged and in Candelaria, access to the coast and the plaza has been cut off. 

Today, the main area affected was Playa La Viuda, where five people were evacuated. 

Plaza La Patrona, la Piscina municipal, Calle La Arena, Paseo de San Blas, Playa de Punta Larga, Plaza de Los Pescadores and Paseo Graciliano were also affected. 

Policia Local de Candelaria reinforced their services alongside the Guardia Civil at 3am this morning. 

Clean up and repair efforts have been going on today in the area to help locals return to normal. 

Access to the beach remains closed, as does Plaza de la Patrona, San Blas and the parking municipal. 

Overall, 17 houses were evacuated and the occupants placed in a day centre under Red Cross care. 

However, it is believed most of the residences were second homes. 

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