Inside the lavish palace where Spain’s Prime Minister spends his holidays

AS the weather heats up across Spain, Pedro Sanchez is planning his summer vacation.

The prime minister will be staying at a luxury resort in Lanzarote after he finishes up his meetings with the King in Mallorca.

The Sanchez family has spent almost every single summer and Christmas on the Spanish island. 

Continuing yet another tradition of their biannual retreat, the Sanchez family are expected to stay at  La Mareta Palace, which boasts panoramic sea views and is surrounded by lush gardens and giant palm trees, until August 11.

The palace was built in the late 1970s by King Hussein of Jordan, though the Hashemite monarch never stayed there. In fact his son was the only member of the Jordanian royal family to use the residence when he enjoyed his honeymoon on the lavish estate.

In 1989 the King gifted the residence to the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I and the palace then became part of Patrimonio Nacional.

After assuming the throne in 2015, King Felipe VI ordered the Industry Minister, José Manuel Soria to reach an agreement with the Patrimonio Nacional President, Alfredo Pérez de Armiñán, to allocate the residence to promote the tourist interests of region of the Canary Islands and Spain.

Today the palace is used as a vacation home for Spain’s most important figures.

The 10,000-square-metre home features ten bungalows, two swimming pools, a garden with a lake and exclusive access to the sea. 

The palace is said to cost over €10,000 a month to maintain and after Sanchez and his family first visited in 2018, the government has spent more than €30,000 on touch-ups. 


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