International and National Dog Show Exhibition to be held in Spain’s Sevilla this September

THE Alamillo Park in Sevilla will welcome the 26th International Dog Show and 44th National Dog Show this September.

The event is organised by the Sociedad Canina de Andalucia Occidental (Canine Society of Western Andalucia) with the collaboration of the Ministry of Regional Development, Infrastructures and Territorial Planning.

An event which will take place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 of September 2021, in the heart of the Alamillo Parkpark where 9000 square metres will provide the stage for the numerous exhibitions.

The official opening ceremony is scheduled for 6pm on Friday 3.

From 10:30am on Saturday, September 4, the following exhibitions will take place:

– Exhibition Canine Unit ALPESA, Search and Rescue. (Central Ring).
– Exhibition DISC DOG ALAMILLO (Central Ring).
– Exhibition by JUAN LACIDA “Stimulus Control using the ball as a control measure” (Central Ring).
– Exhibition ADICAPAL ” Basic and Advanced Training in Obedience and Attack. (Central Ring).
– Exhibition NICOLAS ROMERO, “Utility dogs focused on children”. (Central Ring).
– Exhibition SHEEPDOG with FELIX RUDA, Border Collie in action demonstrating the ESSENCE OF THE SHEEPDOG. (Central Ring).
– French Bulldog Monographic Competition.
– Teckel Monographic Competition.
– Monographic Spanish Water Dog Competition.
– Monographic Competition of the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz.
– Monographic Competition of the Maneto and Podenco Andaluz.
– Disc Dog Workshop.
– LUNA CAN Training Workshop.
– Junior Handling Workshop Seminar.

The Sociedad Canina de Andalucia Occidental was formally recognised by the Ministry of the Interior in June 1975, although it has been organising shows and exhibitions since 1970.


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