Italian ‘guru’ who ‘sold psychadelic drugs including ayahuasca and mushrooms’ at his ‘retreat’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca is arrested

AN ITALIAN ‘guru’ has been arrested for selling psychotropic drugs from his spiritual retreat in El Campello on the Costa Blanca.

The Guardia Civil were alerted to an association in the town that openly advertised the use and sale of such drugs.

Neighbours told them about the flow of people to and from the premises, some leaving after a few minutes and others spending more time inside and departing ‘in a bad state’.



The building was found to be selling items without any licence and the premises were searched along with the home of the 40-year-old Italian man.

Numerous plants from which mescaline is extracted, bottles with alleged ayahuasca extract, capsules that could contain cactus powder, hashish, and ‘magic’ mushrooms were seized.

Officers also removed more than half a kilo of marijuana and several boxes with chocolate sweets laced with marijuana.

The Italian national has been charged with drug trafficking and public health offences.

He was granted bail after appearing before an Alicante court.

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