Swimming pools latest: These towns in Malaga province suggest using water not fit for human consumption as ‘it will be cleaned by chlorine’

THESE towns in Malaga province have suggested using water not fit for human consumption to fill swimming pools this summer. 

The Community Municipality of Axarquia has proposed using water from wells. 

President Jorge Martin has asked the Junta to respond and confirm whether the idea is possible. 

He explained that if pool water is treated by chlorine and purification, it can be used in public and private pools. 

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Axarquia president, Jorge Martin has asked the Junta to consider filling pools from non-drinkable water sources.
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

According to him, the 200 litre capacity is enough to fill pools, especially after the rain over Easter. 

The municipality made the decision this Tuesday, April 23 during a meeting. 

He has urged local authorities to install a desalination plant to help with water saving measures. 

Martin insists the government begins the project, but highlights there is ‘no date set’. 

Last week, Axarquia consumed 400 litres per second, as authorised by the Junta. 

Its source, the La Viñuela reservoir, is at 18.99% capacity. 

A total of 14 municipalities receive water from Axarquia, while a further 31 nearby areas have their own sources.


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