Junta to begin the second phase of Spain’s Sierra Bermeja recovery plan

THE second phase of the Sierra Bermeja Forest Restoration Plan, prepared by a multidisciplinary team, will begin tomorrow, February 20, with a €2.4 million budget.

The restoration plan covers the area that was devastated by the Sierra Bermeja forest fire in Malaga, in September 2021, which calcined 9.581 hectares.

The investment will see the planting of some 10,000 firs, the restocking of existing forests and woodlands in 400 hectares and will also see the improvement of 25.7 kilometres of roads.

The second phase of the Sierra Bermeja recovery plan comes two months after the conclusion of the first restoration phase, which involved more emergency work and began the very month the fire was extinguished.

The initial phase, with a €4.6 million budget involved linear tree-cutting work on strips adjacent to roads and main roads to ensure the safe passage of people and vehicles, actions to protect against water erosion and forestry treatments in the woodland affected by the fire.

This second restoration phase is expected to be completed over the next two years.


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