Spain home to three of the best cities in Europe to party, new study shows

Spain is home to three of the best destinations in Europe for a party, according to new research. 

The study by travel logistics app Bounce looked at European cities and their safety ratings, the number of nightclubs and bars and average beer prices to determine a top ten list. 

Lisbon in Portugal took the crown as the best party destination in the continent, but no country had as many cities as Spain inside the top ten. 

Madrid was ranked second, followed by Valencia – Barcelona came in at number eight. 

In Madrid there are 40 nightclubs per 100km sq and 14 bars within the same distance, the study’s results showed.

Madrid had a safety score of 69.70, with the average price of beer at 3.50 euros and the average hotel price per night at 98 euros. 

In Valencia there were 68 nightclubs and 25 bars per 100km sq.

The average price of beer was 3 euros, but the average hotel price for a night was a hefty 178 euros. 

Barcelona boasted the highest number of nightclubs than any other European city in the top ten, with 180 nightclubs per 100km sq. 

But the Catalonian capital’s safety score was one of the lowest, scoring 50.21 out of 100. 

The average hotel price per night in Barcelona was 192 euros, according to the findings. 

Other destinations within the top ten were Prague, Munich, Krakow, Ayia Napa in Cyprus, Warsaw and Budapest.


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