Kamikaze motorist drives 12 kilometres down wrong side of Murcia motorway in Spain

A drunk driver caused mayhem on a Murcia region motorway after travelling for 12 kilometres on the wrong carriageway.

The 72-year-old man was lucky not to cause an accident as motorists on the RM-15 between Bullas and Cehegin swerved to avoid being hit by him.

He headed towards Caravaca de la Cruz along the Alcantarilla carriageway with Guardia Civil and Cehegin Policia Local cars mobilised to try and stop the errant motorist.

Patrol vehicles frantically flashed lights in a bid to pull him over but he continued for a further two kilometres.

He was eventually caught travelling down the wrong side of an exit lane to Cehegin.

A breath test showed him to be over double the legal alcohol limit.

He was arrested for dangerous and drink driving.

A Cehegin council tow truck removed his car while the man faces a Caravaca court hearing.


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