Thieving farmer pinches tractor parked outside Alicante area motor repair shop in Spain

POLICE in Alcoy have arrested a 33-year-old man who stole a tractor parked outside a motor repair shop and drove it to his farm.

The tractor owner had taken the vehicle to get a service and left it parked close by.

When the mechanic went outside to bring it in, it had disappeared.

Policia Nacional officers reviewed security camera videos from the area and saw the tractor being driven away and identified the man.

The farmer took a spur of the moment decision to steal it after having a drink at a bar and seeing the tractor parked outside.

He calmly left the bar and then drove it away.

The farmer used the €25,000 vehicle on his property and police discovered it stored in a garage when they paid him a visit.

The tractor’s been returned to its rightful owner with the thief charged with robbery.


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