KIDNAP HELL: Waiter tortured, subjected to mock executions and had M carved in his face in Marbella

A WAITER at illegal parties in Marbella has been kidnapped, tortured, subjected to mock executions then had M carved in his face with a razor after being accused of stealing cash.

Police say that the man was held for ‘several days’ before he managed to escape his captors by jumping into his car and ramming open a garage door.

So terrified was he that he did not stop until he reached his home city of Sevilla, 260 km away from the villa where he had been held captive.

Guardia Civil

Once there, he immediately went to the Guardia Civil to report his ordeal. Police have since made three arrests and seized cocaine and laughing gas that were to be sold at a series of illegal parties.

The victim- who has not been named by police – told officers that his living hell started when he was accused of stealing money at a party where he had worked.

He was beaten so severely he lost consciousness several times. The captive was also humiliated by being paraded at several parties as a warning to others.

His captors then demanded €10,000 in cash. He managed to persuade his father to transfer the money to his bank account, and then his captors marched him to several cash machines in Marbella to withdraw the money.

He was also driven to several remote villages where a gun was pointed at him in ‘mock executions. Balloons were burst next to his ear when the trigger was pulled in order to terrify him.

He finally made his escape when his captors were distracted.

As well as finding narcotics, police seized machetes and fake guns.

The investigation remains open and police have not ruled out making more arrests.


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