King Felipe VI receives demonstration of Spanish airforce prowess during Mallorca military drills

KING Felipe VI cast his regal eye over Spanish air defences on the island of Mallorca on Wednesday.

The king was present in the Balearics to oversee the ‘Eagle Eye 23-01’ military exercises which simulated an unknown object penetrating Spanish airspace.

King Felipe Army Mallorca Twitter
KING Felipe IV spoke with soldiers and other elite units who briefed him on their operations

Six F-18 jets screamed through the Mediterranean skies in a demonstration of their interception skills as the king watched on.

Afterwards the monarch met the elite fighter pilots and received a briefing from a group of soldiers at the Son Sant Joan military base in Palma.

King Felipe Navy Ibizacasa Del Rey Twitter
The king was present to observe Spanish air defences in action

An elite drone control squadron from Zaragoza also gave the king a demonstration of their advanced electronic tools used to detect, identify, and neutralise unmanned intruders.

King Felipe, dressed in military fatigues, was accompanied by the Chief of Defence Staff and several base commanders.


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