Regional premier of Spain’s Castilla y Leon region in hot water after alleged obscene gesture in parliament

THE REGIONAL premier of the Castilla y Leon region, Alfonso Fernandez Mañueco, found himself in hot water today after images emerged of him allegedly making an obscene gesture toward a political rival. 

The images were caught on camera by the EFE news agency, and appear to show the Popular Party politician subtly sticking his middle finger up as he left the regional parliament and while a member of the opposition Socialist Party was addressing the chamber. 

The deputy speaker of the parliament, Ana Sanchez of the Socialist Party, denounced Mañueco’s actions via Twitter on Wednesday night. 

Mañueco, however, denied that the gesture had been intentional and said it was ‘involuntary’. ‘Those who know me well know that this is not my style,’ he told reporters on Thursday. 

He also pointed out that the Socialist Party members who were offended by the gesture were actually behind him at the time. 

Voters in the region will be left with no choice but to watch the video of the incident and make their minds up for themselves.

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