Love island villa in Spain now available to rent

FANS of the ITV series Love Island can rent the villa Sa Vinyasssa located in Sant Llorenc in Mallorca from September 24.

The villa boasts an infinity pool, six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and will be transformed after the series concludes in early August.

The minimum that the villa can be rented is seven nights, and it has the capacity for a group of up to 12 people.

However, on Love Island, far more people have been squeezed in.

Thankfully, the villa will have its cameras removed with an interior overhaul before guests arrive.

Finca Mallorca Sa Vinyassa 92 854x480 85
Love island villa in Spain now available to rent. Image from Fincallorca.

The distinctive neon signage will also be removed with exposed brickwork and snug sofas also to be added.

The villa used for the previous series last year was recently sold for €3 million, and is a 10 minute drive from this year’s villa.

Producers of Love Island opted for a shake-up after seven seasons in the previous lodgings.

This year’s villa has bigger bedrooms, and more outdoor space than the last one.


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