Magaluf nightclub bouncer arrested for assaulting two British tourists- one of whom could lose their sight in one eye

TWO British tourists were seriously assaulted by a Mallorca nightclub bouncer, who was arrested by the Calvia Policia Local.

One of the victims could suffer a permanent partial loss of vision.

The assault happened last week on the infamous Punta Ballena strip in Magaluf.



The circumstances about what led to the assault have not been expanded on by authorities.

One of the two Brits suffered several blows to his face and head, and was unsurprisingly dazed after the ordeal.

He required several stitches while his friend suffered severe bruising in one eye, with doctors not ruling out that he could partially lose his sight.

The young tourist also needed some stitches in his eyebrow, from which he was bleeding profusely.

Police spoke to several witnesses and also night club staff, before arresting the bouncer.

Two of his colleagues have also been identified.

Investigators are trying to locate any security cameras to find any footage of the assault.

Despite it being April, there’s been a steady influx of tourists in Punta Ballena with reports of ‘other incidents’.

The Guardia Civil and Calvia Policia Local will be ramping up their presence on streets as the summer season approaches.

One police officer told the Ultima Hora newspaper that since the Covid pandemic, Punta Ballena is not what it used to be, with ‘fewer people and fewer problems’.

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