Summer is coming: Temperatures to soar by 8C in southern Spain this weekend following cold snap

A COLD and wet end to April in Andalucia will transform into an eight degree temperature rise from Thursday- a day after the May Day bank holiday.

A dana(cold drop) led to storm warnings on Monday for the Gaudiz and Baza areas of Granada province, as well as for Almeria in the Almanzora Valley, Los Velez, Nacimiento and Campo de Tabernas areas

Rain fell over parts of the region on Monday, ahead of Tuesday’s arrival of a cold and humid air mass.

WET START TO WEEK(Pixabay image)

This will prompt more rain and a further drop in temperatures from noon in Huelva province and to the north of Sevilla.

The cold front will towards the east, where some snow is predicted for some mountain areas.

The cold mass will also be accompanied by strong winds, with a greater incidence in coastal areas.

For Tuesday, state forecaster Aemet has issued a yellow warning for the Almeria and Granada province coasts with turbulent waters and large waves.

West and south-westerly winds of 50 to 60 kms per hour are expected.

For the bank holiday, westerly winds could reach up to 70 kms per hour in the west of Almeria province and the capital itself.

With the holiday out of the way on Thursday, the cold front leaves Andalucia with a big rise of eight degrees in temperature which will last well into the start of the following week.

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