Makeup products that will help you look like Beth Harmon of «The Queen’s Gambit»

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In the autumn of 2020, many of us were captivated by «The Queen’s Gambit» series, which tells the story of wunderkind Beth Harmon. Over the seven episodes, the audience experienced many ups and downs and the main character worrying about her future fate and relationships.

However, apart from a great storyline, excellent shooting and a good plot, there was one more thing that left no one indifferent. The outstanding natural beauty of Anya Taylor-Joy, who played the role of the gifted chess player Beth, blossomed with each episode. It’s only natural that many of her images became iconic, and many pretty ladies wanted to repeat them.

Even if you haven’t seen the Netflix hit TV show, you can still use ideas from it for your spring or summer outfits. All you need are 5 Makeup Products to help you make Taylor-Joy’s makeup on «The Queen’s Gambit».

Eyebrow pencil

In the first series, Beth didn’t wear cosmetics. Her only jewellery was fluffy eyebrows and expressive eyes. In 2021, the trend for bushy brows is no longer the same; the fashion has moved to feathers and all-natural eyebrows. So to create the most natural-looking effect, it’s best to skip the brow pomade or the colourful henna.

Instead, use a product that can be shaded or with a more transparent finish. For example, choose an eyebrow pencil from Paese Powder or Laura Mercier in the right shade. Revlon Colorstay Brow Crayon is also a good choice for minimalist makeup.

Eyebrow gel

You probably think that if you’ve used a pencil, you won’t need to use any other products. This cosmetic product also plays an essential role in creating an expressive look. It can be used to make the right frame for your face, hold in place messy hairs and create that fancy feather effect.

You don’t have to think too hard here; choose a product within your budget. The main thing is that it doesn’t have a tint. Quality yet inexpensive products can be found in the Essence, Delia or Catrice range.


After winning her first tournament, Harmon sets out to transform herself. The teenage girl buys herself modern, stylish clothes and actively uses new cosmetic products. Her newly developed eyelashes are eye-catchers and make her appearance even more glamorous.

The story is set in the mid-1950s. It is a time when the world was ruled by sophisticated silhouettes and Dior’s New Look concept. Full-length dresses with puffed skirts, heavy makeup on the eyes and lips, as well as romantic styling, ruled the world. Quite naturally, the chess player’s elegant outfits were accentuated by equally graceful eyes.

You can choose Maybelline Lash Sensational, Revlon Dramatic Definition or Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes products for your goal. With their help, you can quickly achieve a look like Bambi the fawn and emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes.


Thick and not-so-long eyeliners are one of Beth’s beauty tricks. She often appears with a classic eyeliner version in daytime and evening looks. In one series, she even tried to copy Twiggy’s luxurious look by applying the liner on the lower eyelid.

Such a move, coupled with false eyelashes, made her eyes look bigger. However, not everyone dares such radical experiments with looks. Choose long-lasting makeup products that won’t smudge on your movable eyelids and will last all day.

Terracotta shade lipstick

The closer the tournament came to the USSR, the brighter the protagonist’s image on-screen became. Anya Taylor-Joy wore the perfect shade of brick-red lipstick on her lips in the last series. Combined with the fiery red hair, this solution looked bright, bold and, at the same time, didn’t give the impression of an overpowering face.

If you have the same colour type as Harmon, then you can safely apply similar shades to your lips. The closest would be Estelle & Thild Biomineral Cream Lipstick in Cashmere shade or Huda Beauty Power Bullet in First Kiss colour.

Girls and women with different colour type can pick up other natural shades in the MAKEUP shop. It has a handy filter, and on the lipstick page, there are swatches of shades. This way, you can complete your look à la Beth Harmon and be ready to conquer the world!

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