Making a splash: British pair snorkel around Spanish island of Mallorca in just 33 days

TWO Brits have snorkelled round the entire coast of Mallorca in just 33 days.

Team Mallorca 360 set off on their sea adventure on June 30, from St Elm bay in Palma, with the aim to swim around the whole Island in support of two charities: Yachting Gives Back and Save the Med.

The two Brits, Pete Langan and Tim Galgey, were in the water between seven and eight hours per day, starting at first light. 

They took it in turns to pull along a kayak, strapped to their leg, carrying their belongings, which included food, water, cooking equipment, their sleeping bags and a roll mat.

Mallorca 360 (left Tim Galgey, Right Pete Langan)
Tim (left) and Pete just snorkeled around Mallorca in 33 days (Credit: Mallorca 360)

In another kayak was Langan’s girlfriend Joanna Zet, who had a challenge all of her own: to paddle alongside the boys the whole way around the Island, capturing footage and making sure they had a constant supply of food and drink (and keep herself sufficiently fuelled!).

“We swam an average of 12km a day, stopping on beaches, boulders and rocks to recover and sleep before going again the next day,” said Langan, 47 from North London. 

“Our breakfast each morning was a 1200 calorie mixture of oats, protein and dried fruits, then we’d graze throughout the swim too,” he said.

Img 0309
Pete and Tim snacking mid swim (credit: Mallorca 360)

Come evening, the team would fill up on tinned fish, pasta or noodles.

Luckily, they were able to replenish their water supply most days from shops nearby to where they stayed.

By day 22, word had spread about the epic challenge thanks to 35-year-old Zet sharing updates on social media, and people started meeting them at their overnight locations, bringing cakes, biscuits, curries and fruit.

“We are so thankful for the food brought to us. Being in the water for so long each day was hard, especially when it went over the seven hour mark,” said Langan.

Although they had all prepared as best they could for the challenge, there was no knowing how the body would react to being in the water for such sustained periods at a time.

Img 0312
One of the teams campings spots (Credit: Mallorca 360)

“We were pretty lucky. The worst thing was that any cuts didn’t heal but we took a lot of vaseline and sudocrem!” said Langan.

As they swam around the island, the team said the scenery was beautiful though they were slightly disappointed in the lack of wildlife they saw: “We spent more than 170 hours in the sea and the best fish we saw was a meter-long Sand Ray… about one minute after we left St Elm,” said Langan.

Mallorca 360 set off with a target to make it around the island in 30 days, which technically, they did.

Img 0305
Finish line photo with the crew: (From left) Nick from Yachting Gives Back, Joann, Pete, Tim, and Brad from Save The Med (Credit: mallorca 360)

“We had to stop for four days due to bad weather, so we actually completed it in 29 days!” he said.

Since they arrived back on land on August 1, Langan hasn’t yet been back in the water but 52-year-old Kent born Galgey is ‘like a fish’, and has already been snorkeling, said Langan.

When the Olive Press asked the boys what their next adventure is, Langan said there’s a ‘few’ in the pipeline but they will most definitely be ‘on water, not in it’.

Donations are still open on the Go Fund Me Mallorca 360 Snorkel Challenge page.


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