Malaga port fitted with plastic filtering technology

THE Port of Malaga has been equipped with a plastic filtering system that removes non-biodegradable waste from the sea. 

Called a ‘sea bin’, it has been installed at the corner of the docks and is capable of filtering 25,000 litres of water every hour, collecting up to two kilogrammes of waste every day.

Malaga Stock Flickr
Photo: Flickr

It also filters out harmful diesel waste from boats and at the end of each day, the ‘catch’ is recycled.

Some 85% of the materials caught by the filter are single-use plastics.

According to the president of the Port Authority, Carlos Rubio, the plastics will be recycled into boat sails and bags for a brand of boxing gloves while operators return any fish stuck in the filter back to sea.

Councillor Rosa Sánchez called the scheme timely as it ‘coincides with Malaga’s plans in the era of the sustainable city’ as it vies to be named the Expo 2027 city by showcasing its green credentials.

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