Mallorca battens down the hatches as ‘weatherbomb’ Storm Ciaran threatens NINE METRE waves and winds of 110km/h

MALLORCA is facing a weather alert for Thursday as Storm Ciaran looms.

The island can expect fierce winds of up to 110km/h and colossal waves that could reach nine metres high.

Named by the UK Met Office, Storm Ciaran has pummelled all of Western Europe.

It has brought with it the lowest sea-level pressure seen in the region for 200 years, according to climate scientist Ed Hawkins.

As such, it threatens to spoil the All Saints celebrations today with heavy rainfall, high winds, and rough seas that are predicted to worsen.

Civil Protection and Emergencies have advised residents and visitors to be aware of the risk of flooding if torrential rain begins.

In such conditions, it is advisable to avoid flooded areas, whether on foot or in a vehicle. 

Trying to drive through a flood in a car is especially unwise. 

Furthermore, during stormy weather, the sea can become exceptionally treacherous and pose a significant risk to anyone near the coast. 

In the face of strong winds, it is advisable to make sure doors and windows are securely shut, and put away any objects that could potentially be blown into the streets. 

Also, individuals should steer clear of ledges, trees, walls, construction sites, or cranes.

The tempest will affect the northern and northwestern parts of the mainland on Wednesday.

Thursday could see waves of up to 9 metres in Galicia, the Cantabrian region, and the Mediterranean. 

Sky conditions will shift from partly cloudy to overcast, with showers, some possibly accompanied by thunderstorms and localised heavy rain. 

The temperatures are expected to remain relatively stable, with highs ranging from 21°C to 23°C. 

This is in line with the typical temperatures for this time of year, which hover around 21°C, but some areas may see slightly higher readings.


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