Mallorca rapist who assaulted store owner on three occasions gets 37-year jail term in Spain

A MAN, 22, has been given a 37-year prison sentence for robbing and raping the same Mallorca shopkeeper on three different occasions.

The assailant pled guilty to the triple rape of the woman in Felanitx in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Prosecutors had originally wanted a 51-year penalty.

A Palma court has also ordered him to pay €111,000 in compensation to the victim.

Once he serves 12 years in prison, he will be deported to his native Morocco.

During his police interrogation, the man confessed to sexually assaulting the woman during robberies at the same Felanitx store in 2019 and 2020.

He also admitted to the attempted rape of the woman during a fourth robbery in January 2021.

In all of the assaults the man entered the store just as it was about to close and always when the woman was alone.

After demanding that she handed over cash from the till, the man would drag her into the back store room to rape her.

But in January 2021, the man committed another robbery at the shop and locked the woman in the store room before fleeing the scene.

She was freed by a customer who heard her screams for help and the police were called.

CCTV footage from the store was analysed and a few days later the attacker was identified and arrested.


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