Man chokes to death on octopus snack at tapas bar in Spain’s Murcia region

A man died on Friday afternoon after choking on a piece of octopus he was eating at a Murcia region bar.

The 49-year-old was enjoying a drink at the premises in La Aljorra north of Cartagena when tragedy struck.

He took a bite of the octopus snack but the piece got stuck in his windpipe.

The man started to choke as he could not cough it up and collapsed on the floor.

Fellow customers called emergency services who guided them through resuscitation measures.

The man by that stage was unconscious and appeared to stop breathing.

Two ambulance crews arrived but they could only confirm that he had passed away.

In December 2021, a woman at a Santomera restaurant died when she was eating octopus with a fellow diner trying unsuccessfully to save her by using the Heimlich manoeuvre.

Earlier the same year, a Javali Nuevo man also choked to death on some octopus that he was eating at home.

Hundreds of people die through choking in Spain each year with many of those lives possibly saved if techniques like the Heimlich manoeuvre are carried out.


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