Valencia police suspend much needed food distribution group

Police in Valencia interrupted a charity distributing freshly cooked meals to people in need after receiving a complaint from a neighbour on Wednesday, March 29.

The group ‘Amigos de la Calle’ have been providing for families in Campanar since 2007.

The complaint led to 30 families being left without food after police forced the organisation to ‘pack up their things and leave’. Additionally police explained that the group needed a permit to operate in the area. 

‘Amigos de la Calle’ helps around 60 vulnerable families per week and Carmen Allendes, spokesperson for the charity, has highlighted that every week they come across new families struggling in the current economic climate. 

The food distributors are all volunteers “who have made a personal effort to help people for many years” explains Allendes. 

Meals are handed out near a park in an area that causes minimal disruption to local residents. As of yet the charity doesn’t know if it will be able to continue its much needed food distribution.


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