Man faces 4 years jail for kicking Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s car

A MAN who kicked Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s car and hurled insults during a protest in Spain’s African enclave of Ceuta faces up to four years in prison.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is demanding the jail term after charging the man – whose identity has not been revealed by the courts –  with two crimes of resistance and serious disobedience to authority.

Protestors were complaining about immigrants illegally entering Ceuta

He is the only person charged over the protest against an ‘avalanche’ of thousands of immigrants crossing the border from Morocco.

The man had forced his way through a police cordon to shout insults at the PM and then kicked the official vehicle in which Sanchez was travelling with the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

The events occurred on May 18 last year when Sanchez was on an official visit to the autonomous city.

The man also faces a fine of €12 per day for two years as well as paying compensation of €252 for the damage caused.


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