Outrage as doctor and nurses’ cars smashed up outside Malaga hospital

A MEDICAL union has told how staff had their cars vandalised by a manic and ‘unsatisfied’ patient. 

Three members of staff had finished long shifts at Las Albarizas health centre when they were devastated to find that their vehicles had been targeted. 

Spain’s UGT trade union has denounced the attacks and said ‘enough is enough’ after three cars were found covered in graffiti in the parking lot outside the hospital. 

Walls close to the Las Lagunas health centre in Mijas were also vandalised, with the words ‘santarios asesinos’ (health workers murderers) or ‘vacuna=muerte’ (vaccine=death) spray painted outside. 

According to police, the suspect allegedly scratched and dented three cars and broke several windows and stole belongings because he was ‘unsatisfied’ by the medical treatment he had received at the centre. 

The 22-year-old man had got into an altercation with staff inside the health centre earlier that night and managed to flee the scene. 

Police managed to track him down and he was arrested. The man will appear in court in Marbella.


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