Man falls to his death after rooftop police chase in Spain’s Valencia area

A man fell to his death from a rooftop in Alaquas after being chased by police who wanted to arrest him for domestic violence.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening when the Policia Nacional responded to a call from a woman saying that she had a phone thrown at her following an argument.

Officers found the victim in the street suffering from shock and she told them what had happened.

They went up to their apartment and were greeted by a friend of the suspect who told them that he had escaped via the balcony.

The police pursued him across the roof as the man jumped between balcony terraces, but they had to stop when they came across a metal fence which was too dangerous to leap over.

A few moments later, officers heard a thud as the 44-year-old man fell into a gap, tumbling five storeys down to the street.

They attempted to revive him until an ambulance arrived but paramedics could only certify his death at around 11.30 pm.

The deceased Spaniard had an existing police record including complaints of abuse, though it has not been specified whether the same victim had been involved.

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