Man in Spain who killed and cooked his girlfriend’s pet rabbit before forcing her to eat it faces 12 years in jail

PROSECUTORS want a man jailed for 12 years for a series of violent attacks on his girlfriend with his abuse including the slaying of her pet rabbit which he cooked and forced her to eat.

The assailant started living with the woman in September 2021 in Montserrat, Valencia province and there was a whole series of incidents leading up to the rabbit killing in December that year.

On a trip to La Rioja, they stayed in a motel and because he did not like the clothes she wore, he hit her with a blunt object all over her face, head, legs and arms.

A month later, an argument saw him tie the woman by her arms and legs and threatened to slit her throat and throw her down the chimney.

In December 2021, he tied her up again and then spread the contents of a rice packet on the floor and forced her to get on her knees to eat it, while beating her with an object and punching her eyes.

Later that month, the man went into a rage because she blew on a hair clipper and accidentally spat out some saliva.

Once again she was tied up and had a knife put to her neck while her partner threatened that there was ‘going to be blood’ and that she ‘deserved to die’.

He untied her and forced her to grab her pet rabbit by its legs and then he slit its throat with a knife- all the time forcing her to watch to ensure ‘she learnt her lesson’.

The victim took refuge in the bathroom and locked herself in, but he broke down the door and dragged her to the dining room where she was forced to see the rabbit’s body.

He smeared some of the rabbit’s blood on her face, and hours later he cooked the animal and forced her to eat it.

The final straw for the woman came in January 2022 when he grabbed her hair and punched her in the left eye.

It wasn’t until two days later that she filed a complaint and was seen by a doctor.

She suffered a hematoma that took 10 days to heal and she left the property with her young son, after the man threatened to slit their throats if they did not do what he wanted.


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