WATCH: Dramatic helicopter rescue pulls nearly THIRTY children off mountaintop ‘in batches of five’ in Spain’s Mallorca

THE recent storms that have battered Spain nearly claimed a terrible death toll after a group of nearly 30 children got stuck on treacherous mountain slopes in Mallorca.

A group of 26 children and three adults had found their Saturday hike suddenly imperilled by fierce gusts of wind on Puig Tomir in the north of the island.

The guides began to fear that the children might easily be blown off the side of the mountain and decided to make an emergency call.

The Guardia Civil’s Special Mountain Intervention Group (GREIM) answered the alert, and together with firefighters and a helicopter set out on a rescue mission.

After locating the group clinging on to the mountainside from their helicopter overhead, the pilot had to find a suitable spot to land.

Battling against fierce winds, the skilled helicopter pilots managed to land the rescuers close to the group’s location, setting the stage for the evacuation.

Miraculously, all members of the group were found to be exhausted yet unharmed. 

The group was methodically escorted off the mountain in batches of five, with the most fatigued individuals airlifted to safety first.


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