Man killed by model airplane after getting struck on head in Spain’s Valencia area

A 64-YEAR-OLD man died on Thursday when he was struck by a model airplane in Lliria, Valencia province.

The accident happened after 9.00am when the man was walking across the model plane runway run by the Ala RC Club in the Joliesa area of the municipality.

He made his fatal move at the precise moment that the craft was landing under the control of a licensed pilot.

The model plane struck him on the head and medical sources said that he died ‘instantly’.

The victim- Jose Antonio Lloret Juan- lived in Betera and was a member of the Ala RC Club.

The accident happened during a special gathering to celebrate the birthday of one of the club members.

Paramedics and the Guardia Civil arrived at the scene but could only confirm the death of the model enthusiast.

Model aircraft can reach speeds of between 80 and 200 kilometres per hour depending on the type of plane which can weigh up to 20 kilos.

The Guardia Civil have launched a formal inquiry into the accident.

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