Manager of Murcia nightclub is arrested over deadly inferno that killed 13 people

THE manager of a Murcia nightclub in which 13 people perished in a deadly fire has been arrested.

Fonda Milagros was set ablaze in the early hours of October 1 and the cause of the fire still being invesitgated.

However Polica Nacional believe the tragedy was caused by malfunctioning flare machine.

The manager of the room where the inferno began and one employee who was in charge of the machine were arrested by Policia Nacional on Thursday, it has emerged.

The machine, which sets off multiple flares, was set to be used for a birthday celebration.

Police sources say there could be more arrests in the coming days and weeks.

The fire in Fonda Milagros and the adjoining Teatre room, located in the Atalayas area of the city of Murcia, took place at around 6am and killed 13 people, who became trapped.

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