Squatter farce: Thug, 21, takes over stunning €3million villa in Spain’s Mallorca before installing alarm system, hiring cleaner and moving in a stolen PONY and pit bull

A SQUATTER has been living in a €3million villa in Mallorca for a year, it has emerged.

The 21-year-old took over the stunning chalet in the upmarket Son Vida urbanisation, just a 10-minute drive from the capital of Palma.

The area is loved by celebrities, with the Spanish royal family, Michael Caine, Jennifer Lopez, Sting and others known to have stayed there over the years.

The squatter stumbled upon a chalet last year while driving around at night and discovered it was empty, reports Ultima Hora.

He returned the next day and decided to move himself in, before calling a security company and asking them to install an alarm – which, incredibly, they did without question.

Son Vida in Mallorca (file image, CREDIT: Google Maps)

He then hired the neighbour’s cleaner to make sure his new home was kept spick and span.

His brazen behaviour did not end there, however.

In June, he visited the Safari Zoo in sa Coma de Sant Llorenc with his partner and her young daughter – the latter of whom took a liking to one of the ponies.

Within minutes, the animal was loaded into a van and taken to the luxury chalet in Son Vida.

The animal was recovered days later and the squatter was arrested – although he was not kicked out of the home.

He was picked up again weeks later after stealing a pit bull from a woman as she was walked her pet on Calle Manacor in Palma.

The thug returned the dog a day later after receiving multiple threats from the woman’s family, but despite his arrest, was not turfed out of the chalet.

A few days ago he was arrested once again by Polica Nacional, after the holding company which owns the property filed for an eviction request with a court in Palma.

It is not known when the request was filed or how long it took for the man to be arrested, or if he has been allowed to remain at the chalet until a judgement is made.

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