Mercadona launches new ‘Kinder Bueno nougat’ bites – and they have already gone viral in Spain

SHOPPERS in Spain are going wild after spotting ‘fake Kinder Bueno nougat’ in supermarkets ahead of Christmas. 

When it comes to dessert, Mercadona certainly doesn’t mess around, and their newest creation has got every foodie talking.

Think layers of gooey chocolate and hazelnut nougat – our mouths are already watering.

Ok, we’ll get to the point – Mercadona’s new cream hazelnut nougat from their Hacendado brand has landed on the supermarkets shelves and we can’t wait to get our hands on a box, or two, or three.

And we’re not alone – the delicious treat has already gone viral, with chocolate lovers in Spain scrambling to get their mitts on the sweet treat. 

It seems these heavenly bites are already proving to be a big hit on social media channels Instagram and Facebook, with thousands of people expressing their excitement at their two favourite treats being combined into one mega dessert. 

One user wrote: “Mercadona has released a fake Kinder good nougat. It’s already Christmas in Juan Roig’s checking account.” 

“Mercadona’s Kinder nougat, a ten out of ten,” another said.  “I have a real panic to buy Mercadona’s Kinder Bueno nougat in case they run out.” 

If you can’t wait to buy a box of these delicious treats to pop in your snack drawer, we suggest heading to Mercadona before they all fly off the shelves.

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