Mysterious question marks appear in the sky above Malaga as fans speculate Antonio Banderas could be behind the bizarre stunt

ANTONIO Banderas is believed to be behind the mysterious question marks etched out in the sky over Malaga. 

Across the city, a number of punctuation marks were spotted beyond the clouds above, causing residents to speculate who was responsible for the bizarre stunt. 

It certainly grabbed the attention of beady-eyed skywatchers this week, as people saw a plane creating the signs on Monday, November 8th. 

While there has been no official confirmation as of yet from actor Antonio himself, people couldn’t help but notice how the question mark could be connected to his upcoming musical Company, set to launch in Malaga this month at Teatro del Soho Caixabank.

The theatre company revealed on Twitter that the ‘air drawing’ campaign would continue in the coming weeks as Antonio gears up to open the new show  – a coincidence perhaps?

Fans on Twitter have been tallying up the different times and places they’ve spotted the plan drawing in the sky – let us know if you see anymore! 


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