New email scam claims to be Apple and Amazon offering free gifts – what to do if you get it in Spain

EMAIL users in Spain are being warned to look out for potential scam emails.

The National Institute of Cybersecurity in Spain (Incibe) has said email platforms have been hit by a worrying new threat that impersonates the identity of well-known companies, including Amazon and Apple. 

Account holders are being urged to take care, remain vigilant and exercise caution.

Scammers are targeting unsuspecting users with fraud messengers from Amazon,  MediaMarkt  and other big name firms.

The fake emails feature official fonts and logos of companies, telling recipients that they can claim gifts of electronic products and discount vouchers.

The phishing trick then sees the unwitting victim share personal and banking details in order to reclaim the ‘gift’. 

The vile fraudsters then attempt to prise as much info as they can from you – be it account names and passwords, bank details, addresses and more.

These emails are often identified with the subject lines: ‘You are on our list’, ‘We already have your MacBook Air, please confirm your data’, ‘Amazon has a surprise for you’, ‘Get the new macbook Pro13’, ‘You have been selected to obtain an exclusive reward! ‘, or similar, according to the Incibe alert.

Most of the emails are characterised by addressing the user using the first part of their email address instead of their name or surname.

Experts from the Institute of Cybersecurity are warning people not to  trust emails from unknown users and delete them without replying.

If you have completed a survey and given your personal data and your credit card details, the institute recommends contacting your bank immediately. 


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