‘Travelers’ Choice’: Tripadvisor awards Spain’s Bioparc Valencia as one of the best attractions in the world

TRIPADVISOR has named Bioparc Valencia as one of the best attractions in the world.

Named as ‘Travelers’ Choice’ for the 11th consecutive year, the 100,000 square metre zoo was recognised for consistently delivering high-quality experiences.

With 150 different species, Bioparc Valencia aims to give visitors the chance to experience the African continent and learn the importance of protecting natural environments.

The park is divided into four main areas with one of its star attractions being a perfectly recreated baobab forest home to a dozen elephants, making it one of the largest groups of the species in Spain.

The coronavirus pandemic had made it particularly difficult for the park since it relies heavily on the income generated from its visitors.

With the doors closed to visitors for much of 2020, all work focused entirely on caring for the animals and improving their conditions.

Among the most notable developments last year was the happy story of Djibril, an orphaned chimpanzee that was adopted by the resident family of its own species.

This year, the zoo also celebrated the birth of one of the most threatened types of primate in Africa, with a drill resident giving birth to a healthy baby.

“It is impressive how companies adapted to the challenges of the pandemic, implementing new cleaning measures, social distancing guidelines and using technology to prioritise the safety of the users of its services, even in the face of customer expectations and new ways of working,” noted the online travel portal.

Established in 2002, the Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best awards are the highest honour Tripadvisor bestows and is the only of its kind that is based on millions of reviews and opinions from travellers around the world.


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