New rules for dogs in Spain’s Valencia—including rinsing dog wee off the streets

VALENCIA’S new Coexistence Ordinance will oblige pooch owners to act responsibly and clean up after their dogs.

The city expects dog owners to clean up any mess, including urine deposited on lampposts, walls and pavements.

In fact, the future ordinance will establish that pet owners must ensure that their animals defecate in designated places, where possible.

Owners must also be armed with a bottle of water to wash the wee off public roads and must carry two dog poop bags per canine.

The dog waste bags must then be correctly deposited in containers or bins.

The draft of the future municipal regulation highlights the ‘right of Valencia’s residents to enjoy a clean and non-degraded public space.’

Mutts aren’t the only ‘animals’ put on the spotlight, with regards to people’s physiological needs, it states that ‘defecating, urinating or spitting in the public thoroughfare’ will be considered a minor offence, except in the case of proven illness or as a result of justified circumstances.

Generalitat Police officers will be given the right to fine dog walkers who break the new guidelines, although by how much has not been announced.


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