Usual autumn instability to mark the last summer days in Spain’s Valencia

TYPICAL autumnal downpours and sunny days will mark the weather for the rest of the week in Valencia.

The instability, caused by an Atlantic storm which placed 20 provinces in Spain under yellow alert for storms on Tuesday, has spread showers and winds throughout Spain.

And although the storm hasn’t hit Spain as severely as originally forecast, it has prolonged the atmospheric instability to remain in the region, where autumnal downpours mixed with sunshine is expected until Sunday.

From this Thursday, September 16, the day will start with light clouds with the development of diurnal evolution clouds in the afternoon, specifically in inland areas of the Comunitat. In these areas there is a probability of showers, thunderstorms and locally heavy rainfall.

On Friday, the sky is expected to be partly cloudy at dawn, with intervals of low clouds in the morning in the interior of the provinces of Valencia and Alicante.

In the afternoon, skies will become overcast with a high probability of afternoon showers and thunderstorms, specifically in isolated areas closer to the Valencian coast.

The weekend’s forecast will reflect the unsettled and showery conditions of the week.

Saturday morning seeing low-level clouds, affected by the diurnal cycle of surface heating and cooling, and will likely leave showers, accompanied by occasional thunderstorms, in the morning on the coast of the province of Valencia and in the north of the province of Alicante. In the afternoon they will affect areas in the interior of the region.

On Sunday, the probability of rainfall is expected to decrease throughout the Comunitat.


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