Nine brothels dismantled and 16 women freed in various towns across Spain

The National Police have dismantled nine brothels and freed 16 Chinese citizens who were being forced into sex work.

Police arrested seven people accused of belonging to organized crime and coercive prostitution during the operation that took place in towns in Barcelona, Alicante, Mallorca and Girona.

The General Directorate of the Police reported that nine brothel houses were inspected in the towns of Inca (Mallorca), Premia de Mar (Barcelona), Palamos (Girona) and Alicante where 16 women of Chinese nationality were forced into prostitution through physical abuse and superiority.

The victims were forced into sex work in unsanitary conditions with a lack of ventilation which is where they also lived and slept.

The operation dates back to January 2022 when police became suspicious of apartments in the areas of Sabadell that were hosting Chinese citizens. Police then learnt the situation was occurring in multiple municipalities and the operation was expanded.

The victims have been offered the help of Social Services in their autonomous communities. 


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