Off-duty policeman saves choking woman’s life in Spain’s Malaga

A middle-aged woman could have choked to death had it not been for the quick thinking of an off-duty policeman, who saved her life.

The incident took place on November 18, on the terrace of a restaurant in the Ciudad Jardin district of Malaga, when an off-duty police officer suddenly noticed a great commotion at a nearby table.

A female customer was desperately shouting and asking for help to attend to her companion, another woman, who was visibly choking on her food and couldn’t breathe.

The policemen didn’t hesitate to quickly approach the woman and perform the well-known Heimlich manoeuvre.

After multiple abdominal thrusts, the woman managed to expel the piece of food that had blocked her respiratory tract and was able to breathe again.

The off-duty policeman then offered to call an ambulance, but the woman declined the offer as she was in apparent good health and thanked the officer for his quick and vital action in saving her life.


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